How to join an existing club?
  1. Make sure that the selected club is in the list of swimming clubs on the site. If not, see how to add a club below
  2. Log in to the site from your account
  3. Go to My Account - Settings - Club
  4. In the club search form, start entering the club name, select the required club, click the join button
  5. Congratulations, your application for admission has been submitted. Now it must be approved by the club's coach. On the page of each club on the site there is a list of coaches who confirm the applications published in the list of club members. If your application is not accepted for a long time, contact them in person.
  6. After the coach accepts the application, the club will be displayed in your profile.
  7. You can always leave the club on your own and apply to join any other club.
  8. One user can only have one club.
How to add a club?

If the required club is not on our list, you can create one

Send all or the minimum list of information below in one email to

Photos and videos can be provided with individual links to file storage, such as Google Drive

Minimum list of required data to add to the club:

  • The owner of the club is a registered user on our site. Be sure to fill in the profile: Basic information and SMS notifications. The email of this user (from whom he registered on the site) must be added to the letter
  • The name of the club is in English
  • Club logo - in vector format *.svg; *.eps; *.ai
  • Text description of the club (from 1000 to 2000 symbols, spaces included) in *Ukrainian and English: who you are, what you do, where, how much time, getting the club, coaching staff, invitations to join the training, etc.… description can be accompanied by a photo.
  • Photo of the team, not less than 1600px horizontally or more

* If you provide only one option, the other description will be translated using an automatic translator


Additional opportunities to display on the club page:

  • 12 photos for collage, each photo not less than 1200px horizontally
  • Coordinates of your training places and their names for the map. You can send links to these points using Google Maps. There can be several points
  • Video (provide a link to the video / videos from YouTube)
  • Photos and descriptions of coaches
  • Contact details of the club, pages in social networks, site address
  • Photo gallery, up to 50 photos
  • If you need something more than that, write to us, we will try to implement interesting ideas

7 days after sending all the data, if there are no errors, the club will appear on the site. If we have any questions about whether we find errors in the information we submitted, we will contact you.
As soon as the club appears in the general list of clubs, all participants will be able to apply for membership, according to the instructions above, and an authorized Club Coach will be able to confirm their applications. Manage club members for the club coach / club owner: My account> Settings> Club.
In addition, he will be able to independently control club members and select new coaches from club members, add new coaches who will be able to accept member applications, and manage members (except the Owner)


What clubs do we add:

  • Clubs from 5 people
  • Swimming - is the main training program of the club or part of the main training program (eg triathlon)
  • Clubs that have fully complied with the instructions for creating a new club

Reasons for refusal to register the club?

  • The description of the club will not contain information indicating that swimming is the main sport or part of the main training program.
  • Not all required information is provided
  • The account of the "coach" responsible for registration is not created on the site, personal data is not filled in completely or inaccurately (name, surname, etc. are not specified)
  • There are less than 5 people in your club
  • Not all photos provided
  • Low quality logo, inappropriate format.
  • Presence of profanity, discriminatory phrases, symbols and signs that may offend individuals or groups of individuals
  • By decision of the site administration