While we are preparing for the first start in Bukovel, we already have the first registrations for the relay. To take part in the swimming relay, you only need to buy one ticket for the team. Next, the person who purchased the ticket invites the other participants to join his team, and the participants agree. How to do it all step by step on the example of the relay in Bukovel:

1. If you find two swimmers in your team in advance, if you can't find those who want to, we recommend that you contact those who swim other distances and have not yet taken part in the relays from the list of Bukovel participants.

2. Buy a ticket for SQUAD 3 x 500M. Where "SQUAD" is a relay, "3" is the number of participants, "500m" is the distance that each participant must swim.

Squad 3x500

3. After successfully purchasing a ticket, go to My profile - My starts - and the relay ticket will have fields to invite other participants. Specify the emails of each of them. Participants must already be registered on Legendaryswim.com and fill in all their data. Waiting for participants to confirm.

4. The participants to whom the invitation was sent, go to My profile - My starts and accept the invitation to participate in the relay.

Squad 3x500 invitation

5. As soon as the whole team is formed, it will appear in the list of Participants.

6. The type of relay team will be recorded according to the list of participants (MALE - only men, FEMALE - only women, MIX - participants of both sexes).

If you want to change the composition of the team, you can do so at any time before the end of ticket sales. The procedure itself. Participants can leave the team themselves, or the person who bought the ticket can delete them at any time and invite others.

If you have any questions, write to us via the Facebook page, we will provide all the answers.

Squad 3x500 List