Swimming is not just a sport, swimming is an immersion in a completely different element. In the element that was once our home. And now it has become a space of challenge, a space not at all natural for us.
However, the memory of him exists somewhere deep inside us, in our veins. Awaken this memory, get it out of your blood, that's a real challenge!
You can hone your swimming technique, every movement and every style as much as you want. Conquer the pool, moving from wall to wall. But only when we remember our original experience, restore contact and harmony with our body and its memory, then we will find that inside each of us lives a beast. The beast is strong and powerful, and most importantly, truly free.
To restore it and make it a part of yourself, your body, your essence, the world around you - this is the key task of the swimmers of the Podolskiy Swimming Team, whose goal is to discover absolute freedom: on water and on land, at work and leisure, with people and alone. by itself.
He who has enjoyed being himself at least once will never return to the past. Any cups and medals take a back seat compared to the main prize, the prize is to feel free and powerful.

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