This announcement should have appeared much earlier but came out today! And it is dedicated primarily to ultra swimming on the Dnister.

As you already know, the Legendary Swim - Bakota open water swimming competition will take place on September 11 in Bakota. 3 distances are planned within the event: SPRINT - 3KM, HERO - 6KM and ULTRA swim. The program of the event will be extremely busy, because together with representatives of the friendly Staroushytsia united territorial community, "Podilsky Tovtry" National Park, Khmelnytsky Regional State Administration and ASTAR Agency for Sustainable Development, we are preparing an interesting and pleasant holiday for you. The sport city will be placed into an observation deck, which offers a fantastic view directly over the Bay of Bakota. Even a simple contemplation of this beauty is enough to relax the soul, but we will not stop there.

Бакотська затока

The starting town, with a large parking lot will be broken on the mountain. From this place, participants will be able to descend to the starting point along a convenient and picturesque path that passes "through" the remains of a rock monastery. Distances of 3 and 6 km will be held in the bay.

3km and 6km distances map

We will definitely dedicate a separate article to the history of the Dniester Reservoir and the bay itself, and we will conduct an interesting and non-boring tour on the spot. Everyone will be able to solve this tragedy or a work of engineering thought on their own, because at the bottom of the bay there were once whole villages and life was booming.

There used to be whole villages at the bottom

But everyone will agree that they have never seen anything better. Bakota is breathtaking today. And you will not be able to miss the sunset here. That's why get ready for an unusual start schedule, because instead of the usual 14-15: 00 the reward will be postponed to 17:00, and around 18:00 you will have a delicious dinner and pleasant company. But now remember one thing. Stop in the area of Stara Ushytsya so as not to deprive yourself of many pleasures and not to miss the entertaining part of this event.

Bakota bay

Stop in the area of Stara Ushytsya so as not to deprive yourself of many pleasures and not to miss the entertaining part of this event.

But let's go back to the ultra swim, because the whole announcement is dedicated to him. Let's start with the length - it will be shorter. We first visited this place in the winter, then visited here for the second time in the spring, and on July 22-23, immediately after Svyatogorsk, I came to perform on the investment form, and then - to walk the route, because the experience of Svyatogorsk suggested - the flow may be different. After passing through the Dniester, it became obvious that the current is almost completely absent here, and the wide Dniester (sometimes - 2 km) gives place to the wind, which can sometimes be counter.

Previously, we allowed the distance to be reduced and had an alternative route, which we approved after the "field tests" - 25 km.

rout map

In fact, it has only one advantage:

  • The distance is shorter (25km compared to 42km) and will be within the power of most of those who prepared for 42km. However, if the participant swims fast, he will be able to overcome more (and even 42 km) (details - below).
  • Beautiful landscapes, of course, will not replace the lack of current, but participants will sail on an extremely beautiful part of the Dniester (see video below)
  • The 25km, 3km and 6km finishes are at the same point, so the ultra-swim finishers will be greeted not only by the organizers but also by friends, the team and the locals. Well, and of course, tired, you will immediately go to rest, and not wait for the return transfer.
  • As Andriy Savitsky says: "The fastest ultra participants will even be able to tickle five participants in 3 and 6 km swims."

Qualification criteria are unchanged:

  • finish 10km in less than 3:20:00
  • be the Delta of Dnipro 2020 finisher
  • to overcome 20 km (without current)
  • finish in the swim in Svyatogorsk LEGEND-16KM among the first 15 participants (men and women separately)
  • Age of the participant: from 18 years
  • only for those wishing to swim more than 25 km: the presence of a fully charged mobile phone + installed and working application Strava + fully charged Power Bank at least 20,000 A / h (can be rented) + cord to connect the phone.
  • The presence of an inflated individual buoy on the body or in the boat

But the conditions have changed a bit:

  • Time limit - 10 hours (42km - 12 hours, 25km - 10 hours)
  • Individual support is provided by the organizers (kayaks and kayaks)
  • Motor boats in the distance
  • 750 league points to each ultra finisher
  • Rewarding in absolute and age categories at a distance of 25 km
  • Starter pack: T-shirt and towel made of microfiber
  • Transfer to the starting point from Stara Ushytsia
  • All the glory and a great holiday at the finish
  • Registration fee: until 01.09 - 3000 UAH, from 01.09 - 6000 UAH (motivates to register faster, right ?!)
  • The number of slots is limited: 20 pcs
  • Accommodation is not included in the price

We suggest you watch a short version of the Ultra route (full version - end of news):

What additional comfort conditions we offer:

  • Arrange a transfer on 10/09 from Kamianets-Podilskyi to Stara Ushytsia (paid separately)
  • Arrange a transfer 10/09 from Stara Ushytsia to the hotel "Xenia" (paid separately)
  • Carry your belongings from the hotel "Xenia" to the finish (free)
  • Arrange for you a transfer 12/09 to Kamianets-Podilskyi

If I want to swim more than 25km? What shall I do?

  • You register for 25 km.
  • Finish 25km within the time limit by crossing the finish antenna, which captures your time at a distance of 25km
  • Depending on your desires and the time left until the limit, you take one of the routes below:
Distance options

Registration will open today.

So, let's remember a few things:

  • We advise you to stay in Stara Ushytsia
  • Look closely at the qualifying criteria. If you do not fulfill them - you will not be allowed to start.

Below is the full video from the 25km route (30 exciting minutes)!

See you at the start!

Sincerely yours


Dmytro Polupan and the Legendary Swim team