We have completed the testing and are pleased to present a new feature of the Legendary Swim platform - group discounts. This will let some participants to automatically receive discounts when registering for swimming events. In this article we tell you what discounts on swimming competitions will apply in 2022, what categories of participants can count on them, and what needs to be done.

Who and what discount gets?

In 2022, 4 categories of participants will receive discounts on Legendary Swim races:

ATO/OOS participants receive 50% for all races, except KIDS, ULTRA, SQUAD.
Qualification criteria for the discount: hostilities participant certificate

Participants over 60 years are registered with a 50% discount on all races, except KIDS, ULTRA, SQUAD. The age of the participant is calculated on 31.12.2022.
Qualification criteria for the discount: standard identity card

Participants with disabilities of groups I-III can count on a 50% discount on all swims, except ULTRA, SQUAD.
Qualification criteria for the discount: disability identity card

Swimming club coaches register for free for all starts of the series, except KIDS, ULTRA, SQUAD. The discount applies to the registration category "Start only". Please note that the discount is only available to swimming clubs. This is not a group, corporate or mass discount.
Qualification criteria for the discount:

  1. The swimming club is included in the list of Legendary Swim clubs. You may find how to register a club here.
  2. There are at least 10 registered members in a club page on Legendary Swim website.
  3. At least 10 members of the club have already registered for at least 1 start of the Legendary Swim season 2022 (excluding relay races). We disregard the number of starts per 1 person in this case.
  4. There are attributes of organised systematic club trainings
    • presence of a coach;
    • availability of a systematic training schedule;
    • availability of team attributes (social media page and/or website, and/or team form, etc.)
  5. The participant applying for the discount is engaged in coaching activities.

In addition to these discounts, there are 3 winning teams of the 2021 season, who received discounts from 10 to 20%, which are used in the 2022 season.

Swim coaches discount Legendary Swim

2 easy steps to get a discount in the 2022 season:

Step one: pass the qualification

To qualify, write to us and provide documents confirming compliance with the criteria.

Click the appropriate link below and enter the required information in the letter (do not change the subject of the letter and do not change the content of the message). Within 7 business days, we will confirm your discount (or provide comments).

Link for the qualification of participants with disabilities
Links for qualification of ATO / OOS participants
Link for qualification of persons over 60 years of age
Links for coach qualifications

Step two: registration

Upon successful qualification, the participant will automatically receive a discount for future registrations. The category of the participant is not indicated on the pages of the Legendary Swim site and is not displayed publicly in the participant's account. The participant needs to qualify only once. Discounts will continue in the following seasons, if we do not change the discount policy (amount of the discount, category of participants, etc.) or do not deprive the participant of the discount.

Important! If you registered to start Legendary Swim before qualifying, follow this link and write a letter. We will refund the registration fee in the form of bonuses that will be valid in the 2022 season.

Restrictions on slots purchased with a group discount

  1. Such slots CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED to others
  2. Participants who will be qualified as coaches will be included in the category of professional participants and will not be able to compete in the age categor
  3. Participants can be deprived of a group discount. Reasons for depriving a participant of a group discount:
    • change of Legendary Swim discount policy;
    • inflicting Legendary Swim reputational damage by a participant;
    • violating competition rules, unsportsmanlike conduct, disrespect to other participants and staff of the organizer, being at the start in a state of alcohol/drug intoxication;
    • providing false information on the suitability of the category of participant;
    • for other reasons, at the discretion of the Legendary Swim team.

Unused registrations of such a participant will be canceled.


We hope that this article comprehensively answers the possible questions of the participants. If they still remain, email us at info@legendaryswim.com. It is not necessary to postpone qualification and registration for the start until the last moment. After all, in addition to the discount, you will also need free slots, and they dissappear every day.