Both on the website and on Facebook, we have published the swim calendars for 2022 season, and currently there are 4 open water races in it:

  1. 11-12.06 - Dzharylhach (DZHA)
  2. 02-03.07 - Bakota
  3. 13-14.08 - Bukovel
  4. 10-11.09 - Svyatohirsk

In addition to the distances for which you can already register, we discuss and assess and opportunity to add several new products for 2022:

  • 15km (ULTRA) - straight swim race from Dzharylhach island (far lighthouse) to the general finish point
  • 5km (HERO) - straight swim race from the ship again in Dzharylhach
  • 9km (LEGEND) in Bakota
  • Deathmatch swim in Bukovel
  • 30 km (ULTRA) in Svyatohirsk

As soon as we agree on security measures and make sure that such swims are possible, we will immediately add them to the calendary and open registration. But we recommend not to postpone registration while you wait for them - this is just our plan. It is better to choose the distances available today at the lowest price and change the registration later.

In addition, everyone already knows that the start dates in Skadovsk coincided with the dates of the announced Oceanman Kyiv. We received several questions and suggestions about the reasons for this intersection and the possibility of postponing the dates. We want to dispel some myths and explain the situation.

First, there is no need to look for hidden agenda. Given the saturation of the Ukrainian calendar with swimming activities, today and in the future it will not be possible to avoid intersections. We respect the organizers of Oceanman, many times before, and we hope that in the future we will help each other both at the Kyiv starts and at Oceanman Odesa. This season, both sides made efforts to avoid an intersection, but failed. Oceanman plans and coordinates its launches globally. In addition, the organizers had to take into account the flowering periods of the Dnipro river to avoid its dirtiest periods.

We focus on our own calendar and try to respect other Ukrainian starts as much as possible. The only possible dates for us were June 4-5 and 11-12, because at the end of May in Skadovsk preparations for the beach season are just beginning, and the infrastructure is not yet ready for large-scale events. Plus, we had to leave ourselves at least 3 weeks before the swim in Bakota so that you and we could relax and prepare well for this start. In addition, at the end of May there are open water even on the Blue Lake - Blue Lake Cap from Artamonov team, and in early June - a swim from the village to the village "Desna 6.5". And if Kyiv starts can coexist in one weekend, it is very difficult for participants to combine starts in Kherson region and Kyiv in one weekend. We did not consider other months, because after the peak of the swimming season the main "tourists" - jellyfish - return to Skadovsk.

We discussed the dates, tried to find a common language and, unfortunately, did not find a solution that would satisfy everyone. Nobody beat pots and jugs - but there are situations when each side of the dialogue has its own objective reasons and position not to do something. And, even if that happens, it's not a reason to ruin the relationship.

Unfortunately and fortunately, the calendar of Ukrainian swimming starts is becoming dense, that, even having friendly relations with the organizers, we start competing for dates and swimmers. And this is a good reason to do more, because now you have to choose. In addition, we have great respect for our participants, and we will make every effort to make sure that when you register for the Legendary Swim open water competition, you will be confident that the swim will take place on the specified date and time. That is why we do not plan to change the start date and will do everything possible to make the weekend in Skadovsk unforgettable (and this time you will have 3 days off) for you and your families.

Very soon, bonus accounts will appear in the participants' accounts, to which funds will be credited for participating in the 2021 starts. You can use these bonuses as a discount on registration (even 100%). We will additionally inform about this day!

We wish everyone a good day and a working week!

Legendary Swim team