Dear participants, there are only a few days left before the Legendary Swim - Bakota 2021, so we are sharing key information, and there will be a lot of it.

Weather conditions:

According to gismeteo, at 11.09 in Stara Ushytsia the temperature is expected to be 10-21°C. This means that it will be quite cool in the morning at the start (especially for those who start 25 km), and the day will be perfectly warm weather without heat. The wind is light.

Given that the starting point is located on an observation deck overlooking the Bay of Bakota, we recommend dressing warmly in the morning (pants, closed shoes, warm jacket or jacket and hat) and bring windproof clothing during the day in stock. Given the cool morning, we will take care of a little comfort: in the morning until 10:00 participants and guests will be able to taste delicious coffee for free from our friends, who will also be at the start. And those who prefer tea, try decoctions based on local medicinal herbs of Nicholas Prudivus (read below).

The evening will be cool, but the sports part will be far behind, so warm clothes, warm drinks and heart-to-heart conversations should do the trick. The most worrying is the water temperature, which according to meteorological services is about 15.5°C, but eyewitness accounts (representatives of the national park and fishermen) say about 20-22° degrees of heat. Therefore, most likely the water will be warm, but we will finally be sure only on September 9. Be sure to bring wetsuits to the start, although they may not be needed, but they will be allowed to start.

3 & 6km

Due to the fact that the morning will be quite cool, we decided to make some changes to the program of the event swims for 3 and 6 km.

Change one: the participants of the 3km swim will be the first to start. The start will take place at 10:00. The change is dictated by the fact that at 10:00 it will be quite warm, and secondly, if the water is cool, then 3 km in it will be easier to overcome than 6 km. Second change: the 6km swim will take place at 12:00, when the air and water temperatures will reach their maximum. In addition, if the water temperature is below 16° degrees (unlikely), we consider reducing both distances.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the journey from the starting point to the starting point takes about 10-15 minutes and passes by the remains of the rock monastery. This is a well-arranged descent, which personally causes us only pleasant sensations because it passes through the trees where in some places there is a beautiful view of the Bay of Bakota. Toilets (bio-toilets) will be set up on the mountain, and along the way only toilets will be knocked down from the boards, which fully perform their function but may cause some doubts for the gentle people. At the bottom there will be an area for participants slippers, without dressing room, our recommendations are as follows:

  • go down in a wetsuit worn to the waist or light shorts
  • don't carry a lot of things with you
  • go to the toilet in the starting town
  • be ready to go down to the start for 10 minutes
  • and rise after the finish for about 15 minutes
3 & 6km
Ultra 25km

There will be no special updates on the 25km swim. Each of the 12 participants will be individually accompanied by kayaks. There will be two professional rowers in the kayak. We will transfer 1.5 liters of water to each kayak for each person, including the swimmer. You have to take care of the food that you like while swimming.

The main change concerning the 25 km swim is the cancellation of the briefing on September 10, 2021. This will have extremely low efficiency. We are preparing the most detailed instructions with a route full of video distances and on Thursday we will create a joint chat with rowers and swimmers. Also, everyone will receive the most complete information. All other questions will be answered in the chat and from 5:15 in the hotel Xenia, where the swim will start.

It is important to emphasize that we are ready to pick up the participants belongings from the starting point and take them to the finish line. Take them with you in the morning before the start.
Please note that 25km participants will not have to climb after the finish. You finish in the general location, then the participants are taken by boat to the place where the car will be waiting, which will lift you to the starting point. However, if you feel strong, you can overcome the rise on your own.

In the morning, a free transfer to the starting point will be organized for participants from Stara Ushytsia. To use it, fill out the form in the transfer section (see below).

Ultra 25km
Medals of participants

There are 2 news about medals at the same time. Good and not very. Let's start with the last. During the production of a fresh batch of finisher medals, our uniform did not survive (and it have already released more than 1,000 of our medals) so we do not receive medals on time (they will be ready by 20.09).

But this is not a problem at all! Together with our favorite supplier we will not leave participants without well-deserved and expected awards, and at the start you will receive a second "temporary" finisher's medal. Once you receive it, scan the code on the back and fill out the form to receive a medal. In about a week the original medal will come to you at our expense. There are medals for awarding, there are no problems with them, so the awarding will take place on schedule.

We decided to approach the design of the temporary medal with all our heart and remember all our fuckups at the last swim of the league. The medal will be symbolic. We hope that our participants, just like us, like irony, so they will like it. It turns out each finisher receives at least two medals.

Medals of participants
Event program

Well, now the main thing. The program of the event this time is rich and in addition to the swimming part will include entertainment. Briefly on it:

Morning coffee (until 10:00) for all present (free of charge)

Tastings of local producers from 12:00 to 16:00 and sightseeing tours for production:

  • Herbal fees, herbal decoctions
  • Honey
  • Locally produced meat products
  • Sheep cheese exported to Europe
  • Goat cheese
  • Bohdan’s winery

You will be able to taste the products, meet the owners, see how the product is created in reality, buy it on the spot and find a reliable supplier of quality products.

Regarding excursions. Buses will be waiting for us on the spot, and after you finish your swims from 12 to 16:00 you will be able to visit the production. Details of the tours will be a little later.

Lunch will start at 13:00 (included in the participants' starter packs). The cost for guests is 100 UAH.

And from 17:00 after the award ceremony, a pasta party will begin, which will include dinner and a balloon ride. The cost of participation in the pasta party for all comers, including participants - 300 UAH per person (includes dinner and climbing on a ball to a height of 30-50m overlooking the sunset).

Keep in mind that the event takes place in the National Park, so do not wait at the observation deck of shops and malls. Take care of your comfort in advance by taking your favorite drinks and snacks. As for alcohol, it is better to take 40+ wine and drinks locally, if you are 21, of course. And let's remember the limit. Participants in a state of intoxication, which creates discomfort for others, will be taken out of the starting place and disqualified from swimming. Everything should be fun and cultural.


Final schedule:


04:00 - departure of the transfer with participants for the start of 25 km
05:15 - briefing of the participants of the 25 km swim
07:00 - start of registration of swimmers 3 and 6 km
10:00 - start of the 3km swim
12:00 - start of the 6km swim
12:00 - 16:00 - tastings and excursions
17:00 - 17:30 - awarding
17:00 - 20:00 - pasta party
20:30 - transfer to Kamyanets-Podilsky




Fill out the form if you need a transfer

There are a lot of overdoses waiting for us to move. It is better to read the offer in the form below. The final versions will be confirmed on Thursday. But if, even, something does not suit you, you can always use regular minibuses to Stara Ushytsya, departing from the bus station Kamyanets-Podilsky (street Knyaziv Koriatovychiv, 19) from 7:40 to 17:00 with an interval of about years. Well, we will not leave you in trouble, so, in case of problems, write to us on facebook.


How to get to Bakota by car

The best destination is: Zhytomyr - Berdychiv - Khmelnytsky - Kamyanets-Podilsky - Stara Ushytsia. The last section to Starta Ushytsya is undergoing major repairs, the same: a) there may be traffic jams, b) where the road, not yet repaired, there are pits. Also, the recommended speed is 60 km/h. Please note that the Waze Navigator has high-quality key obstacles in this area. Our team used it on the road. Be sure, if the navigator tells you: "Pit!", It is there.

The worst direction to Stara Ushytsia is through Vinnytsia. We recommend building the route from Vinnytsia through Khmelnytsky or at least through Kamyanets-Podilsky. In no case do not choose the road from Vinnytsia to Stara Ushytsia. The last 50 km of the road simply does not exist - a primer with pits, sharp stones and remnants of cobblestones. For now, we recommend avoiding this area. We hope for a bright future.

We have a quality day ahead of us! Relax, gain strength and do not forget the good mood!