Athletes! We have good news for you. From today participants can use the certificates received at the 2021 swims to register for the start of the 2022 season. We have completed the technical work on the integration of the bonus system on the site and transfered all the bonuses to participants accounts. That is what we want to focus on today.

How do I know if I have received bonuses?

We have fully integrated the bonus system into the existing site, so participants will see the balance in their personal account. To do this, you need to log in to the site, go to the "Settings" section and scroll to the "Bonuses" section. The amount specified in this section is the total amount of bonuses for 2021. You can also get to it by simply following the link.

What did I get bonuses for?

In 2021, we decided to stop giving the athlete packs and issue certificates to participants. This was done so that everyone could choose only the necessary products from the Legendary Swim site and reduce the amount of garbage, which very often becomes unnecessary elements of the starter pack. Later we decided to give the opportunity to register for the competition with the help of these certificates. And this idea quickly gained the greatest popularity among respondents. Certificates were issued at all starts, except Legendary Swim Ultra, Kids, Squad and Swim Fest. Participants received bonuses for purchasing registrations. If the participant did not take part in the start or re-registered his slot for another person, he will still be credited with bonuses. The exact list of registrations for which participants received bonuses, as well as for which these bonuses were written off, can be found at the link.

How can I use these bonuses?

There are two ways to use it: a) as a discount for registration for 2022 starts; b) as a discount on the purchase of branded goods Legendary Swim. We are now describing the first. Later - how to exchange bonuses for goods (this will be a manual process). But if you plan to register for the 2022 swim, the best time is now, because combined with the lowest prices valid until the end of November, you will be able to get the maximum savings. Bonuses will be deducted automatically when you register. That is why no one will forget to use them. List of starts for which you can use bonuses:

11-12.06.22 - Dzharylhach (3 weekends, Trinity)
02-03.07.22 - Bakota
13-14.08.22 - Bukovel
10-11.09.22 - Svyatohirsk

What are the restrictions?

First, bonuses will be automatically deducted from the accounts of participants on 01.01.2022. Make sure to use them before this date. Bonuses cannot be transferred to others. There are no more restrictions. The discount can be at least 100% if the participant's balance is greater than the cost of registration. Bonuses are combined with coupons and team discounts, for 3 winning clubs of the 2021 season: Pasya team - 20%, Chameleon Club - 15%, Wolf Pack Sport Club - 10%. If you are a member of one of these clubs, the overall discount can be very large.

Other questions

How to use bonuses to purchase goods? We will send instructions soon.
I am the coach of the club. If you are a coach of a club registered on the site legendaryswim with a number of members from 10 - you swim for free in 2022 (except Ultra, Squad).
What new starts will be in 2022? Most likely there will be none.
How to get a free slot for winning the absolute / age group of the 2021 season? We will send you a list of codes in the mail soon.
How will COVID affect races? All announced starts were unchanged in 2021. We see no reason for differences in 2022. We are a member of the Mass Sport Events Association, which is a leading organization in compliance with safety standards at events and contributes to the formation of public policy in this direction. That's why we strictly follow the restrictions and recommendations regarding the health of the participants. And that is why none of our open water launches in 2021 were canceled due to epidemiological restrictions.
Will the start dates change? No, start dates will not change. To date, the calendar of our events has been approved.

We will be happy to answer your questions on social networks. Ahead of us all is a great season of open water competitions in Ukraine. See you in the swims!