While in "beta", but all the basic features are already available. A very short list of them is below.

Data and cabinet of participants:

  • The participants of the 2021 swims are registered on the site, and their data has been transferred. All of them were to receive a letter with further instructions.
  • If you were a participant in the launch of Legendary Swim in 2021, but you did not receive the letter - contact us by facebook messenger.
  • The full history of your starts with results since the 2021 season (and the results of the ULTRA 2020 swim) is displayed in your profile.
  • Now you can independently manage starts in automatic mode, exchange and donate them, as well as create relay teams.

Start results, ratings and league points:

  • We implement a large section of participant ratings with convenient sorting.
  • Now the results of the starts and the calculated points of the Legendary Swim Series will appear on the site immediately after the end of the event.

Team pages

  • Organized pages of clubs with descriptions, logos, lists of participants and their achievements.
  • Create your club and attract like-minded people; compete for places in the ranking of clubs.

News and gallery

  • A section with news, where we will share interesting information, future plans and fresh news from the life of swimmers.
  • Photo and video gallery, with all the media materials for our history with you.

The old site has ceased to function. So, together we look to a bright future with easy registration and correct lists.

Future Steps

The data were collected from different protocols and may contain errors in the age group or errors in the names. To fix this, we ask all participants to log in to their account through password recovery, and using their email address, correct their details. If you can't log in, contact us through the official Facebook page and provide the correct information - email, name, date of birth.

For clubs - the coach of the club must create a club through his user cabinet, and send e-mail to info@legendaryswim.com with description of the club in two languages ​​Ukrainian and English, logo (*.jpg or *.svg) and photo (*.jpg min 1600px for long edge). After that, your club will be published on the site, and all it's members will be able to join it.

What Next?
  • Ratings and achievements of all team members will appear. Team rating.
  • More interesting infographics in your profiles.
  • Even more information on all starts.
  • Virtual swims will also get their new look and user-friendly interface.

And this is not the end, we still have many ideas that will simplify and brighten your participation in our events!

Stay with us!