Dear friends, today Ukraine is fighting for peace on its land and stands for the the whole world.

While russian and belarus athletes prepare to cross Bosphorus, russian troops cross ukrainian border through belarus. This is unacceptable! Most businesses and international organizations have already spoken against the war, imposed sanctions and restrictions on russian and belarus businesses and citizens, who silently and openly support the deadly aggression. But the organizers of the world's most popular swim in the Bosphorus - stay silent. Today, we swimmers must unite and prove our position to the competition management and the Turkish Olympic Committee. Please join this initiative and follow a few simple steps and get your loved ones involved. Today is not the time for quarrels and silence. The only way to succeed is to unite on all fronts! Together we can do everything. Together we will win!

What we need to do:

  1. Sign the petition and distribute it inside your team chats and among your acquaintances.
  2. Leave a comment, like and share the following post openly for everyone.
  3. Follow this link and send a letter to the Turkish Olympic Committee.
  4. Copy the text below

" Stop russian aggression! Despite all the world (Olympic Committee, FIFA, UEFA, FINA, LEN, Oceanman, World Triathlon Organization, Ironman and other) ban russian and belarus athletes from participating in every kind of competition, there is no official reaction from Bosphorus Swim Race management. Please, do not support aggressors and shut out for peace! While russian troops cross the border of Ukraine through from belarus territory, athletes of these countries openly or silently support the invasion. Ban all russian and belarus athletes from participation in the most popular swim race in the worlds. Respect peace, human values and human rights! "

and send it to the following pages:

Dear friends, today we have no other enemy. And we will have no other chance! Don't ignore this front. Even, if we have some frictions, now is not the time. If we win, we will find common ground with each other. Let's stand together and be united, friends! We stand for peace on our earth!

Text of the petition below:

Today Ukrainian people stand against russian invasion and desperately fight for their lives, rights and freedom. russia, ruled by president putin, has been exerting systematic pressure on our country since 2014, annexed Crimea, occupied a part of Donbass and now officially, under the false cause, invaded our country! Aggressors' troops in large number come to Ukraine through belarus territory.

Right now thousands of civilian people have died, fled, hide in bunkers or join Ukrainian armed forces, who courageously defend against the enemy. Invaders bomb cities, destroy houses, roads, infrastructure, attack commercial vessels, harm nature, blockade cities and deprive civilians from access to food and medicine.

Yesterday March, 2nd the United Nations General Assembly resolution was passed with 141 nations condemning russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which clearly shows that the whole civilized world supports our country. Also, with the deepest gratitude we would like to thank President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Government and people of Turkey for closing Bosphorus and Dardanelles strait for russian warships.

Today, we address race directors of Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Competition, Turkish Olympic Committee and Ministry of Youth and Sports. We ask you to join the International Olympic Committee and the biggest sports organizations like UEFA, FIFA, NHL, FINA, LEN, Oceanman, World Triathlon Organization, IRONMAN and others in their united position against russian invasion into Ukraine.

As the recent research shows, about 70% of russians, who became the victims of propaganda, support this war. While russian and belarus swimmers train to cross the Bosphorus strait, russian troops cross Ukrainian borders to kill civilians and destroy our cities. Invaders troops come and bombs fall from the belarus territory. We request you to condemn russian invasion and ban all russian and belarus athletes from participating in the most popular swim race in the world, as they support putin's regime and the war.

Sport has always been separated from politics. But sport has also been the synonym of peace. The great tradition to stop wars during the Olympics have been broken 3 times during World War I and II. And today the world stands at the doors of World War III. Today, being silent means to support the war. Today, there is no other position than be strict in your peaceful values, as the whole worlds does.

Don't be silent! Stop Russian Aggression! Stop the War!