On September 11, the swim in Bakota ended, and with it the Legendary Swim 2021 season came to an end!

In this post, we summarize the results of the league, determine the winners and share details about the award (because the final swim was canceled).

This season has been very busy. We held 6 starts in different and picturesque parts of Ukraine: from the south to the north, from the east to the west, as well as in the center of Ukraine. In addition, our team in various forms contributed to the organization of 8 more swimming starts, as a supplier and manufacturer of equipment and as a technical partner. Fatigue is felt both physically and morally. In general, this year the emotions at the starts and between them literally went beyond scale. But the final chord still needs to be played. Thank you all for overcoming tens of thousands of kilometers of roads and thousands of kilometers in the water with us, being around, supporting, criticizing and sharing your impressions.

Yesterday we planned to hold the award ceremony together with Deathmatch Swim in Kyiv on Lake Nebrezh. But for the first time in a whole season, the weather let us down. Today from 15:00 the rains begin, which will last not only all Saturday but also the whole week. So, autumn has come. And, perhaps, it's time to say that the Legendary Swim season is over. We decided to cancel the final swim, both due to weather conditions and the fact that we are unlikely to be able to organize awards and BBQ on the beach in the rain. All registered participants will receive individual messages with instructions for refunds. However, the award ceremony will take place according to the plan - on September 18, 2021.

Location changed. We are waiting for you from 15:00 to 21:00 at the address of our temporary office with a large terrace and a fantastic view of Kiev: 131a Peremohy Avenue, 26th floor, office №155. Together we meet the sunset, cook barbecues in the open air, communicate casually and pass the awards to our champions. In addition, we are ready to give towels for night swimming, medals for Bakota and age awards to participants for starts in Svyatogorsk and Swim Fest. If you plan to join, please check the form below. We are waiting for everyone who has participated or plans to swim with us.

Link to the form for participants "BBQ on the roof"

award location

So, let's look at the list of winners before the official ceremony on Saturday. Let's start with individual awards. Detailed rules of the league can be read - here. Let's remind briefly: each finisher on qualifying swims gains league points. The longer the distance and the smaller the distance from the leader in the age group - the more points the participant receives. Participants' points are added up. To participate in the final ranking it is necessary to take part in 51% of all qualifying starts. Previously, 7 of them were planned and the minimum number was 4, however, due to Kamyansky's difference, the minimum number of starts for qualification has decreased and is - 3.

In the final ranking for the total number of points, participants receive the following awards:

League winners receive prizes and free slots for registration in the 2022 season *:

  • 1 slot - 3rd place in the age category
  • 2 slots - 2nd place in the age category
  • 3 slots - 1 place in the age category
  • 4 slots - 3rd place in the absolute number of points
  • 5 slots - 2nd place in the absolute number of points
  • 6 slots - 1 place in the absolute number of points

We decided to exclude the winners in the absolute from the ranking in the age categories, so the prizes will be even more - it's 90 slots for participants!

It is a pity, but both among men and women there were quite a lot of participants who were not admitted to the final ranking, because they did not take part in a sufficient number of qualifying swims. We hope that in 2022 participants will be more attentive to the rules. The full table of results can be seen at the link.

Let's start with the winners in the absolute.

Absolute winners


1st place - Pasichnyk Anna - 4500 points / Pasya Team
2nd place - Danchenko Alla - 3598 points / Pasya Team
3rd place - Boryshkevych Nataliia - 3000 points / Wolf Pack Sport Club


1st place - Kuts Oleksandr - 3542 points / Pasya Team
2nd place - Ulianchenko Taras - 3340 points / Pride Swimming Club
3rd place - Smirnov Andrii - 3217 points / Pasya Team

Winners in age categories:


6-19 years:

1st place: Maya Fedoseenko - 2750 points / Team 404
2nd place: -
3rd place: -

20-29 years:

1st place: Chmutova Victoria - 1457 points / Chameleon Club
2nd place: Ignatova Vlada - 858 points / Chameleon Club
3rd place: Odynokova Yelyzaveta - 648 points / Odynokov Team

30-39 years:

1st place: Koshevska Oksana - 2682 points / Chameleon Club
2nd place: Borodai Oleksandra - 2563 points / Pasya Team
3rd place: Sytnychenko Tetiana - 2160 points / Pasya Team

40-49 years:

1st place: Blagonravina Inna - 2759 points / Level UP
2nd place: Chesnokova Olga - 1733 points / Swim System
3rd place: Romanenkova Alla - 1663 points / Pasya Team

50+ years:

1st place: Nemyrovych Dina - 2997 points / Pasya Team
2nd place: Yusypenko Svitlana - 1500 points / Wolf Pack Sport Club
3rd place: Konovalenko Nadiya - 1315 points / Pasya Team



6-19 years:

1st place: Kushnerov Andrii - 3000 points / Level UP
2nd place: Kulikovsky Vladislav - 2447 points / Level UP
3rd place: Starovertsev Stepan - 2000 points / Chameleon Club

20-29 years:

1st place: Malomuzh Kyrylo - 2404 points / Wolf Pack Sport Club
2nd place: Shymko Andrii - 2101 points / Pasya Team
3rd place: Nikitin Nikita - 668 points

30-39 years:

1st place: Shyrobokov Vladyslav - 2625 points / Swim System
2nd place: Kotvitskyi Roman - 2432 points
3rd place: Chubenko Zhenya - 2303 points / Chameleon Club

40-49 years:

1st place: Razumovskyi Oleh - 3133 points
2nd place: Gaidukov Igor - 1846 points
3rd place: Starovertsev Gennadii - 1728 points / Chameleon Club

50+ years:

1st place: Yefimov Oleksandr - 2667 points / Yefimov and Partners
2nd place: Nosyr Oleksandr - 2250 points
3rd place: Mikhailuk Valentyn - 1315 points

Top clubs of the league

One of the key nominations this season was competition between clubs. The country's key teams competed for places in the league rankings. Team points were formed as the sum of points of club members. And therefore: more participants + more starts = victory. The main prize of the league, in addition to a fixed discount for club members in 2022 (10% for 3rd place, 15% for 2nd place, 20% for 1st place), clubs competed for the league cup.

The final result is no secret, because it can be seen on the club page. So, congratulations to the winners:

1 place
2 place
3 place

Pasya Team
55 872 points

Chameleon Club
36 335 points

Wolf Pack Sport Club
28 464 points

* slots are not subject to sale and transfer to other participants and transfer to the 2023 season.