Dear participants, for more than a week now we have been receiving alarm calls about the temperature at the start of Legendary Ultra Swim - Bakota.
The official forecast is constantly improving, and already says that the temperature will be around 20 ° C on the day of the start (16 ° C now).
According to meteorological data, the water temperature is 15.4 ° С. However, according to the National Park, local fishermen - 20-22 ° С. There is a small bloom of water, which can occur only in warm water.

What to do / what to expect?


  • Don't panic. On Wednesday, we will make actual measurements and then we will make a decision
  • Take warm things with you. Including windbreakers, warm jackets, hats. The starting town will be located on an observation deck, where light wind (2-5 m / s) is possible. It will definitely be cold in the morning
  • Take hiking shoes with you. In case of rain, it can be dirty at the start
  • Take a wetsuit. However, even with it, if the water temperature is below 16 ° C, both the cancellation of the start and the reduction of the distance are possible
  • Don't be sad, smile. We had a great time with the weather in Skadovsk (calm when there was a storm around), Lviv (sun when it rained around), Svyatogorsk (gloomy weather when we waited + 38 ° C) and Bukovel (+ 25 ° C when in the evening and in the morning) was + 9 ° C), so lucky now. But it can be the other way around.

We prepare for you an interesting program with tours, tastings, delicious food and even a balloon. So, you will have something to do, even if you have to not swim. But we know why you are going to Bakota. And we do everything for that. More details - in the announcement today / tomorrow.