We recently wrote that 162,000 bonuses was issued to participants as the amount of certificates for participation in the 2021 starts. Today we write how to spend these funds to buy a Legendary Swim merch. All bonuses are translated into electronic form (paper certificates are no longer required). To check the balance on your account - follow the link (log in if necessary)*.

As one of the options, we suggest using these bonuses to register for the 2022 starts. This is a good way to save, as the lowest registration fees are currently available. Price for the participant = current price - team discount** - bonuses. Bonuses are deducted automatically upon registration. No restrictions.

You can also buy merch at a discount. That's why we made this form. It's not super-convenient, but Fun Shop still far from ready. Also, this method is suitable for those who do not have bonuses but want to buy the chosen type of product.

From today you can order:

  • large microfiber towel 70x140cm (UAH 800)
  • small microfiber towel 50x100cm (UAH 400)
  • buoys for swimming, Big Daddy, 32 l (500 UAH)

The process is simple:

  1. Follow the link
  2. Choose 1 or more products from the list
  3. Provide your contact information
  4. Choose a payment method

Please note that bonuses will be available until 31.12.2021, after which they will be deducted from your account.

* if you see an error in the balance (you think you should have more or less bonuses) in the form you can specify a comment, or write a letter to info@legendaryswim.com or to our pages on social networks. We will make sure to review your request, correct the error or report the reason for the refusal
** discounts are given to the winning teams of the 2021 season

See you at the start!